Partners are welcomed

For production and distribution

STP is a strategic partner with Lindab on manufacturing of lightweight steel profiles.

World Leader Brand

Lindab is the world leader in lightweight steel technology. High fabrication quality, highly cost efficient in both time and labor. Lindab also manufactures a variety of other building materials with the highest European quality standards. These great qualities win customers biggest trust in Lindab products.

Innovative & Modern Technology

Lindab with its cutting-edge technology can be monitored online when fabricating lightweight steel profiles. We put together a complete energy-efficient solution – tailored made to meet your needs and those of the end user with our unique IT software.

Value of Investment

With an investment of 560,000 to 3.3 million USD. You will own a manufacturing plant, fully equipped machinery and authorization to produce lightweight steel profiles under license of Lindab Sweden. Investment return will be 2-5 years.

Join Our Team

STP and Lindab have joined hands for this program to welcome partners for manufacturing Lindab lightweight steel profiles in Asia and beyond.

Lindab Products

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Lightweight Steel Profiles

World leader in lightweight steel profile. Complete calculation software systems. Fast assembly, long durability, environmentaly friendly.

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Roof & Wall Systems

  • Insulated Roof System series
  • SRP Click Roof Series
  • Classic Roof Solution
  • Cladding
  • Elegant and strong, Suitable for both older and new houses, Easy to install, Lightweight with a strong and durable coating in several colours.

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    Rain Gutter Systems

    Lindab Rainline is available in 10 colours complete with fittings. Superior quality with long durability. Flexible and case of installation.

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    All Products

  • Ventilation
  • Facade
  • Fasteners
  • etc.
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    "Lindab is the world leader in Lightweight steel products"

    Lindab International Group started 1959 and develops, manufactures, markets and distributes products and system solutions primarily in steel for simplified construction and improved indoor climate, within the Ventilation, Building Components and Building Systems. Established in 33 countries including Thailand. Listed on the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange, Mid Cap, under the ticker “LIAB”.